NOT SO, SEA by Mg Roberts is an experimental text that fuses the speaker's transcontinental and matrilineal lines with the discourses of the speaker's own reproductive body alongside the bodies of her daughters. The manuscript is organized through a series of missives that work to weave together the themes of: the mother-daughter dyad, the landscape of the Philippines, memory, and the difficulty of fixing immigrant bodies in a secure and linear narrative. 

Jerusalem Plank Road by Brendan Hamilton is a book of poetry that examines the Petersburg Campaign of the American Civil War from a variety of perspectives, forming a fragmented, shuffled narrative through the hidden spaces of the past. The book is illustrated with images taken from details of photographs in the Library of Congress's Civil War collection. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations that benefit American veterans and their families. The introduction is written by Jarvis Fosdick, a visual artist and landscape architect.